Friday, April 17, 2020

Banana Bella: Keep It Together #20

**Sorry, doll, this contest is over. Feel free to do the work, but you won't get a prize.**

Hello. Friday, again. I've had a lot of home work the past two days, because Phil had a lot of work work. This afternoon is the first sustained break I've had, and I'm using it to sit in the balcony sun again.

Prior to the world going viral, we'd planned a trip to Greece this week to celebrate Greek Easter and two birthdays. That didn't happen, though I really appreciate Mother Nature bringing Athenian weather to us.

In light of the Greek holiday, and the trip that was, your Banana Bella contessignment is to choose a way to celebrate Greek Easter this weekend. You might dye red eggs (which, traditionally, you should have done yesterday). You might make the braided tsoureki bread (which you also should have done yesterday, if you wanted to be culturally accurate). Or you might want to spend a little time reading about our experience with Greek Easter. Two years ago, I made a nice reference guide to those blog posts HERE.

However you decide to celebrate, celebrate. We've all had a long haul of it, and we deserve to have a little fun and lightness. Let me know what you do, and have an excellent weekend. I'm going back to my sunshine.

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