Tuesday, February 4, 2020

2019 Christmas Card Challenge

To celebrate the fact that we finally announced who won last year's challenge, it is with joyous pomp and circumstance that we hereby proclaim the opening of the 2019 Christmas Card Challenge.

Listen, we're capable of taking better photos than this, but we choose not to share them.

This year, as with all previous years, the cards have been hung at random with a single piece of tightly rolled masking tape adhered to the middle of each card. As we are no longer in Thailand, where the humidity turns every adhesive into construction-grade cement, we hope for an exciting, speedy event, with lots of losers off the top. I cannot describe the pleasure in hearing a card flop to the ground. It is truly magical.

Best of luck to you and yours,

Jane and Phil
The Christmas Card Challenge:

Monday, February 3, 2020

2018 Christmas Card Challenge Winners!!!!

And the winners of the fifth annual Jane and Phil Christmas Card Challenge are:

The Alameda relatives!

Hanging in glory up there on the Thai wall.

Now, a word about this win. It actually happened back in June 2019. Devotees of our family know that we were in the midst of a PCS during that time, otherwise known as hauling a** out of Bangkok for our next post in Budapest with a summer-long pitstop in America. Phil was alone in Bangkok when the deciding card fell. I asked him to send me a photo. He did, and I never did anything with it. 

Fortunately, wonderfully, I was able to find the photo on my phone last week. I wasn't actually able to download it anymore, due to the content having expired, or something like that. I chose the next best option, screenshotting it so I could prove up on the blog. I cropped out some of the screenshot, but left the little icons at the bottom as evidence. 

Many congratulations to the champions of the 2018 Christmas Card Challenge. Your winnings, as is typical for us, will arrive later than expected, if expected, and unexpectedly, if unexpected. 

For a look back at how the 2018 Challenge began, click HERE. To fall down a rabbit hole of Christmas Card Challenges, start HERE.