Monday, January 13, 2020


Boy, it is hard to sit down and write. The amount of backlog I need to work through on the blog is a real deterrent. I've heard that the best way to start writing is to start writing. To that end, I spent the last half hour composing a treatise on the business aspect of celebrity gossip, and its similarities to international diplomacy. Unfortunately for you, that is not what you'll be reading today. Instead, you get to read another "Lately" post that will be mostly photos with comments. I think that will set a nice foundation for everything else, and will be more fun for you. 

What I really hope to do, what I plan to do, is go back and fill in the blanks on our residence in Thailand. Rather than file things out of order, I think I'll backdate the posts to fit where they're supposed to fit chronologically. I'd ultimately like to turn this blog into a nice, readable history for our family. Recently, The Kid has told me a few times that he "can't remember that" when we talk about things he's done and seen. That bums me out. So, I'm going to force myself to sit down in front of this laptop and bang out some posts to make sure he has a reference of all the cool things that Phil's hard work, and wanderlust have birthed. On your end, that means you'll have to do some snooping if you want to see the things from our Thailand life that you haven't seen. Listen, a little exploring is good every now and then. It helps you hone your research skills, should you ever get really into celebrity gossip to the point that you're writing your magnum opus on it.

Lately, as in the past month or so,

We had our first, and so far only, snowstorm in Budapest. I made this snowman by myself. This is how I spend my time instead of working on any of my other, meaningful projects.

Parliament was pretty after the snow, but it's pretty anyway, so I don't think we can credit the snow.

We've been learning about Central European winter, and the creepy (at night), depressing (during the day) fog that it brings.

One of us attended The Nutcracker ballet, while the child and dog were at home with a babysitter, and the breadwinner was working in...Bosnia? I want to say Bosnia. The dancing was great. The sets were beautiful. The ballet was staged in three acts for some reason. Why three? Why not two? Is it really necessary to have two intermissions for The Nutcracker? The Erkel theatre is the temporary home of Budapest culture, while the Opera House undergoes renovations. It was fine.

We took the train to Austria. This is the station in Budapest. Pretty grand.

My sister, Anne, sent an outstanding fudge recipe, plus all the ingredients to make it. I originally intended to share it with friends, but it never left the house.

We celebrated HanukkAdvent. I made perfect latkes for the first time ever. I didn't write down the recipe, so it will never happen again.

The weather was rainy in the days before Christmas. Parliament looks pretty in the rain, but, again, I don't think it's the rain doing the work.

Phil performed his annual parental duty of hurriedly putting crap together on Christmas Eve.

He did a good job

I made the traditional Christmas morning breakfast of Ebleskivers...
...and overnight blueberry french toast.

On Boxing Day, we joined a thousand other people who also spontaneously decided to go walking in Normafa in the Buda hills. The wind was blowing, and it was very cold. Some of us don't tolerate cold well, and made it an unpleasant walk for the others. Once we were back in the car, sitting in the sunshine, I was a lot nicer.

We visited Memento Park, an open air museum with communist statues from around Hungary. The Kid volunteered to hold Bella's leash, which was mostly okay.  

That's it. That's all you get for now. Believe me when I say I have much more for you, including some cool shots from Memento Park, and plenty of the Parliament. Keep an eye out for backdated posts. Or don't. It's a new year. You do you. 

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