Monday, March 18, 2019

Christmas Card Challenge 2018

Welcome to the fifth annual Jane and Phil Christmas Card Challenge: Christmas Card Challenge 2018! Woooooh!

"Again, with this?" says Bella.

While it may appear that we are delayed in starting this year's contest, we're really only delayed in telling you about it. It began two months ago, and the majority of these fine participants are now massive losers. There are six cards remaining. One looks like it could fall at any time. The others will have to go before June. I am not doing another "double duel." I will have a winner before summer.

To relive the glory days of years past, here are the 2015 winners, the 2016 winners, and the 2017 winners. To understand what the f--k is happening here, THIS is the origin post.

Let the games begin. Or continue. Or end. Let them end.

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