Friday, November 23, 2018


Happy Thanksgiving--for you. We've already moved on. Today, we're dealing with the aftermath of a double holiday. In addition to Thanksgiving, yesterday was the Thai holiday, Loy Krathong. Loy Krathong is the annual full moon/water/lantern festival. In Bangkok, it's celebrated by floating a little raft (krathong) on a body of water, usually a river, canal, or lake. The krathong hold offerings for the river spirits, like money or food. Last year, we caught some enterprising folks fishing the krathong out of the canal to "collect" the monetary offerings. Thais believe in karma. You have to wonder what happened to those dudes.

We didn't float a krathong this year. The majority of our day went toward Thanksgiving dinner. We hosted this year, and we had a lot of food. As all good hosts do, we pawned off most of the leftovers on our guests. I've been saving takeout containers all year for this. Dinner was a rousing success, thanks to a Norbest turkey from the Embassy emporium; really great guests; and Khun Noi, who cleaned the whole house yesterday. It was a great day, and we were glad we were able to celebrate. 

An unedited version of our Instagram Thanksgiving post.

While we're in a grateful mood, we might as well take this opportunity to force you to read our list of thanksgiving. In homage to Grandma Dot, and the personalized Thanksgiving verses she used to write for each family member, we'll do it in rhyme. 

It's 2018, and it's Thanksgiving time. We're thankful for lots, and we'll tell them in rhyme.We're grateful for family, we miss them every day. We're thankful for e-hangouts when we're feeling far away.We are thankful for our safety, for our home, and for our health. We recognize our privilege, and we count it all as wealth.This expat life is very weird, and often really fraught, but we've gotten so much out of it, and give thanks for all it's brought.We are grateful for the people who help fill up our lives. Here's a non-exhaustive list of them for our personal archives:Khun Noi cleans our house, and takes care of our pet. She does it all well, without breaking a sweat.The ladies downstairs take care of odds and ends. They are wonderful people, and wonderful friends.Speaking of friends, we give thanks for all we know. They're good and kind, and they're always on the go.The congregation at our church is generous and cool. They seem to practice kindness as a universal rule.The people of Thailand are so kind to our kid, that sometimes we stay home just to get off the grid.We've run out of steam, though there's much more to say. We hope you've had a wonderful Thanksgiving day.

p.s. Here are outtakes from our 2018 Thanksgiving e-card. Not pictured: me yelling at the kid to stop ripping the paper feathers out of Bella's harness.