Thursday, June 28, 2018

A Year Without Greece...almost

We left Greece exactly one year ago. We are happy in Bangkok, but there's a lot to miss about Ελλάδα

Earlier this year, Phil had a work training in Frankfurt. We decided to make a brief detour back to Greece. We saw a few new things, visited some old things, and spent time with many of our friends. I've finally sorted through the photos, and thought it would be nice to mark our departure anniversary by forcing you to scroll through them. Everybody loves a vacation slideshow.

I've presented the photos with minimal captioning, due in part to the fact that I've already told you about a lot of these places, in part because I don't live there anymore so I don't feel obligated to tell you about these places, and in part because it almost physically pains me to see these places. Greece is so beautiful.

On the beach in Kantia.
George, a resident, told me that, "Everywhere else in Greece it is raining, but here the God's have an umbrella."

Poppies and olives in Argolis.

Goats on the road in Argolis.

Beautiful port town in Argolis.

Hiking to Franchthi Cave.

Franchthi Cave, first occupied in 38,000 BCE.

Coming back from the cave.

Hiking on the point near Ermioni. 

Hiking on the beautiful point near Ermioni. 

HIking on the unbelievably beautiful point near Ermioni.

Still hiking on the unbelievably beautiful point near Ermioni.

Starting to wonder what the actual town of Ermioni looks like, if this is what the point looks like, while still hiking on the unbelievably beautiful point near Ermioni.


Poros island.

Temple of Poseidon on Poros island.

View from the Temple of Poseidon on Poros island. 
Still on Poros.

Still on Poros.

On or near Poros, actual location was not archived. Whoops.

On the way to Methana.

Hiking on Methana volcano. 
A shot of our unsolicited Greek farm dog guide on Methana volcano.

A portrait of a volcano, specifically Methana.

View from the top of the volcano.

View from inside the volcano.

View of the unsolicited Greek farm dog guide who rock scrambled with us all the way to the top of the volcano.
He also ran ahead of us on the way down, and made sure we got back to our car.

Dogless view from the top of Methana volcano.

Phil in front of the furnace.

Breathtaking Greece, near Methana.

Future award winning photography, probably. Also near Methana.

Rainbow over Tolo from a beach in Kantia.

Memorial shrine in Sounio.

Temple of Poseidon, Sounio.

More from Sounio.

Monastery on Mount Parnitha.

Sun in the pavement at the monastery.

Kid in a tree at the monastery.

Park of Souls, Mount Parnitha.

Hazy view of Ελλάδα on the way out of town.
We have one more year in Thailand, and a lot more to see. It's been a different post from Athens, and I will miss it differently. I wonder how long it will take after leaving here for us to come back here. This seems like an excellent opportunity for some gambling. Anyone want to start a pool?

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