Monday, April 30, 2018

Sea Life Ocean World: The Bangkok Aquarium

Thailand has world class diving. I am not dive certified. The second best option for me was to go to the aquarium in downtown Bangkok. Sea Life Ocean World, a mouthful of a name, is in the basement of the massive Siam Paragon mall. The mall is also home to Krispy Kreme, Jamba Juice, and the country's first IHOP. Fun!

The aquarium is owned by the same megacorp that owns Legoland, and operates Madame Tussauds. They know how to entertain the masses. We've been a few times with our Thai ID card, which gives us a nice discount over the regular person rate. They have the full aquarium experience: octopus, penguins, touch pool, jellyfish, otters, rays, a big shark tank tunnel, and mood music. My favorite room has a see-through floor looking down on the shark tank. There are other attractions for an extra fee, which we have not experienced.

It took me several visits to photograph things for you, and now I've given up. I think I did all right.

Assorted fish.

Blue fish.

Some kind of vertical fish? I don't know. I clearly haven't read the signs.

I was eating shrimp as a kid when I first learned about the realities of meat eating. Someone told me I was eating a dead sea creature. It didn't make me a vegetarian, but it did create a whole lot of guilt. Just looking at this photo makes me uneasy and, this is awful, also pretty hungry.

More assorted fish.

This is the see-through floor room, and the shark tank below. It's the most entertaining room, by far, because you get to watch adults try to play it cool while they're walking across a shark tank. Some are good actors, but most wear their thoughts on the outside (and their thoughts are like, "Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, woah, careful, woah, woah, woah.").

Very large crabs.

[Jaws theme]

Jellies photograph well. See HERE for more blurry, amateur photos of jellies from my favorite aquarium.

These are Garden Eels. I love them. They poke their bodies in and out of holes in the sand like slimy blades of grass. Look at their tiny, dumb heads!

This exhibitionist likes to smash himself (herself?) flat against the tunnel as people are walking underneath I've seen it pull this stunt every time I've visited.

Same with this attention whore. It makes better faces, so I don't judge it as harshly.

This guy isn't performing, he's demanding performance. The penguins like to swim up next to the glass, and eye everyone on the other side. Now that I type that, it occurs to me that maybe they are performing after all. They might be participating in a piece of performance art that invites to question which of us is on display, as a clever commentary on animals in captivity. Penguins really are the best.

Sea Life Ocean etc. has been a fun place for us to visit. It's a nice rainy day activity in Bangkok, particularly with discounted tickets through a Thai ID, tour groups, or Klook. 

And IHOP's just upstairs.

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