Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Sam Roi Yot District

We took a vacation. We took the vacation in December. We took this vacation before we had a dog sitter, so Bella came with us. It was a full family affair.

Phil found an Airbnb beach house in the Sam Roi Yot district of Thailand. It's southwest of Bangkok, close to Myanmar, and on the Gulf of Thailand. We had a great time exploring the nearby national parks, but you have to wait to see those.

This is just the other stuff we saw in the area.


Beach in December!

The road where we stayed. 

Dusk at the beach.  

Dog in the wind at the beach.

That bird hung out with that cow all day. It flew away as soon as I tried to document their friendship. 

Cool temple by the mountains.

Awful monkeys by the side of the road. These are macaques. They are native to Thailand. They are carriers of herpes B. Don't touch the awful monkeys.  

Another cool temple off the side of the road. 

This is how I pictured Thailand before I came. Isn't this how you picture it? Yes, Virginia, there is a Thailand that looks like this. 

When we returned to Bangkok, multiple different people told us that this is their favorite place in Thailand. We high-fived ourselves for nailing it on the first intra country vacation (though Phil gets all the credit).

It's beautiful, and interesting. It has tourist infrastructure, but isn't overrun by visitors. It was delightful.

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