Friday, January 19, 2018

Christmas Card Challenge 2017: The Double Duel Has Begun

It is January 19th, and I don't think we'll be receiving any more holiday cards. I've cut the ceremonial tape, placed the cards on the wall, and officiated a very brief commemoration, attended only by Bella and myself, in which I gave a short speech in my head about how meaningful it is to hear from friends every year. It was very moving.

And, so, The Year of the Double Duel has begun.

May your tape be adhesive, your card be sticky, and your year be blessed with the glory of a champion.

I realize that "double duel" probably isn't the correct way of phrasing what we're doing here, but it sounds good, so it stands.
Challenge 2017 is on top, Challenge 2016 (still uncooperative) is on bottom.
For more information about this year's challenge, or for general background on what the **** this thing is, see: HERE.

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