Thursday, December 7, 2017

Christmas Card Challenge 2017: The Year of the Double Duel

The holidays are upon us. For you, that means finding a light, well-balanced, sticky card in the hope that when we tape it to our wall at the beginning of the year, it will outlast the others.

Yes, The Christmas Card Challenge truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

You may be wondering who won last year's Challenge. The truth is, we all lost. I stuck the cards on the wall, per usual, and waited for them to fall. None of them did. Eventually, we had to move. I wanted to leave the cards up, and require the next tenants to keep a live feed on the wall at all times, to ensure it was above-board, but I was vetoed. Instead, I packed up the cards, and hauled them to Bangkok. I was initially planning to tape the cards to the wall as soon as we arrived, using the original tape, which I saved by fastidiously covering each piece with a little bit of wax paper. I packed the cards in my carry-on luggage for that purpose. 

I didn't get around to it until last week.

The good news is that you all received a new lease on contest life, with a fresh piece of tape. The bad news is that one of you has already fallen. The best news is that we will be running two simultaneous Christmas card challenges in 2018. 

Cannot wait to crown the 2016 and 2017 Christmas Card Challenge champions. Let the games begin!

The 2016 contestants in Bangkok, before one took the fall.
HERE's a succinct overview of The Challenge, for those who need a reminder.

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