Thursday, June 8, 2017

Pretty Pictures of Peloponnese

Do you want to see some nice photos from Corinth and Nafplio? I took them last month, while my mom was visiting. It was an amazingly beautiful day. A windstorm on the previous day had blown out all the bad air. It was clear, and bright. All the wildflowers were blooming. I'll just shut up and let you see for yourself, shall I?

The fountain in ancient Corinth with Acrocorinth in the background.

Temple of Zeus. There are a lot in Greece. This one is in Ancient Corinth.

Wildflowers in the old city!

Looking toward Kalavrita from Acrocorinth.

The entrance to Acrocorinth, and fortress walls.

Looking toward Ancient Corinth.

More fortress walls.

Driving down the hillside. This is creepy. When my mom and I were looking at this photo at home, neither of us could remember seeing that truck at the time...

The streets of Nafplio.

Palamidi fortress in Nafplio.

My favorite Nafplio photo spot.

My favorite mom in my favorite Nafplio photo spot.

Phil and I spent all of last week in the Peloponnese. We went to a few new places. Every time I go to a new place in Greece, it becomes my favorite place in Greece. I really do think I've nailed down some of my top spots, though. In mainland Greece, it's Pelion, and Peloponnese (both really huge areas, so maybe that doesn't count). And Crete is my favorite island. 

You can't entirely trust my judgment, because there are plenty of places in Greece that I haven't seen. Of those that we have seen, though, anywhere in the Peloponnese is at least in my top 5. 

I can't wait to show you photos from last week. Not today. Someday. 

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