Saturday, February 4, 2017

Greek Wedding

I'm trying to decide if I want to live blog this wedding across the street, or not. On the one hand, Greek wedding ceremonies have some cool traditions. Like, all the guests are going to arrive now, then the groom, then they'll all wait on the stairs for the bride to arrive. A deep, dark part of me always wants to blow the arrival by popping out of our gate suddenly in a garish costume.

But, on the other hand, it's getting dark. I'd have to take all the photos from our balcony or windows like a real creep. Also, it's a lot of work. I don't know.

6:05pm Well, you'll get at least one update. The groom just arrived. I know that because when the groom or bride arrive, their driver lays on the horn all the way down the street. The first time I heard it, I thought we were under attack.

6:12pm The groom is standing at the base of the stairs with the bouquet. He keeps it until the bride shows up. He's taking photos with his family now,  then when that's done, he'll stand at the top of the stairs.

Around 6:30pm, the bride showed up, heralded by car horns. Everyone on the stairs clapped. She stepped out of her car, and the photographers took ten thousand photos. I couldn't see her from my vantage point.

At 6:35pm, the bride walked up the stairs with her dad and mom. Everyone clapped. Her dad spoke to the groom, then they hugged. The bride and groom spoke, posed for a photos, then kissed. Everyone clapped again. Then the bride and groom turned toward the door of the church. This is a photo of that. I wanted to give you a real clear explanation, because the photo is pretty...impressionistic.

At the door, the priest does some sort of ceremonial thing that I can never see from my creepy reverse peeping tom vantage point. When he's done with that, everyone walks inside the church.

I am so sorry to tell you that at this point in the wedding, I pretty much gave up following the thing, and was talking to my mom, and feeding my kid. Just before I stuck The Kid in the tub, I peeked out the window, and saw everyone coming out of the church. That was about 8pm. Not even 10 minutes later, I heard the FIREWORKS!

They had fireworks at their wedding! I am so mad I missed it. I briefly considered dragging my kid out of the tub, and running with him to the window to watch, but the fireworks ended before I could make a decision. I heard the horns honking again to signal that the bride and groom had left.

At 8:20pm, I looked out the window, and everyone was gone. The decorations were gone, too. Wham, Bam. Married.

This is the only part of a Greek wedding I've seen. I think what happens next is that everyone drives up the mountain to one of the huge reception centers (think My Big Fat Greek Wedding), and stuffs their faces with food and booze. It sounds wonderful.

Congratulations! Να ζήσετε!
The Weirdo Watching You Across the Street

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