Friday, September 23, 2016

House Mold

We have mold in our house.

It's pretty bad. The Facilities guys had to refer it to the Housing guys who had to refer it to an outside contractor, who was pretty shocked when he saw the amount of work he'll have to do. He referred it back to Housing, who approved the cleaning process.

We'll have to leave our house for 2 days while they scrape out the HVAC.

Very luckily, we had already planned a short jaunt during the time that they'll be cleaning. Bella will be with her favorite dog-minder here in Greece. My mom, who is visiting, will be jaunting with us.

Don't bother breaking into our house. There will be guys and mold everywhere.

We'll return next week.
-Phil, Jane, The Kid, Bella, and My Mom, but not The Mold, which will not be returning.

p.s. We also have a ghost in our house.

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