Monday, August 29, 2016

Nothing Nutritional Noodles Recipe

Just after The Kid was born, my mom whipped up a batch of pasta that was mostly butter, salt, and chicken. It was delicious. Kate and I added some additional flair, and ate it obsessively throughout her stay. Here's our recipe:

Nothing Nutritional Noodles

2 chicken breasts
1 package/box of rainbow pasta
3/4 c. chopped sundried tomatoes
3/4 c. chopped red onion
4 TB butter
1/4 teas. poultry seasoning
2 teas. sea salt

Cook the noodles. While cooking, chop the breasts into nice, bite-sized pieces. Brown 2TB of butter in a big skillet, and add the chicken. When the chicken is halfway cooked, add the chopped onions, poultry seasoning, and 1/2 teas. of sea salt. As soon as the chicken is cooked, dump it out of the skillet and make it wait in a bowl until you're ready for it. Add another TB of butter to the hot skillet, and chuck in the pasta. Stir it around. When pasta begins to brown, dump the chicken/onions back in the skillet, and add the sundried tomatoes. Generously add the final TB of butter, and 1 1/2 teas. of salt to the skillet. Stir it one more time, and let it brown to your taste. Serve with a side of whatever vegetable will help you compensate for the high salt and butter intake.

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