Monday, August 22, 2016

Mail Call: Californians

At least a week ago (and, actually, more like 2-3 weeks ago now), my California relatives curated and mailed us a big box of presents. 

Something for Everyone!

Kate was still here to enjoy it with us. She took the cat purse on the right, and I took the one on the left. Both match the cat purses we currently have--given to us a few years ago by the Californians. The dragon toy is really nice. It's probably too nice to let The Kid play with ever, but I imagine he'll eventually get his hands on it. The snacks are pretty much gone at this point. Phil took some on his trip, and Kate, Bella, and I ate the rest. 

What I'm saying is that we need more. Give us more.

I'm kidding, mostly. Thank you, Californians. Thank you so much. We're working on curating some things for you, because it's our turn to do something nice for a change.

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