Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Cousin Mail Call

Phil's cousins sent us a giant, stuffed box of baby things. They wrote nice notes on various items explaining their significance. Some of the things are hand-me-downs from their three rad boys.

All of this was expertly packed into a diaper box.
I think I've said before that living away from family is the most difficult aspect of our lifestyle. It's going to be a while before The Kid is able to meet and play with his second cousins.

And those second cousins are really cool, too. They're the kind of second cousins you'd want to meet.

You can see some of the notes in this photo. They were funny, sweet, and very touching.

The clothes are all bigger sizes, which is exactly what we needed right now. The Kid is starting to chunk up, and his teeny things aren't cutting it anymore.

That sweatshirt had a particularly cute story attached. It's been handed around a few times, and we're excited that The Kid will carry the torch now.

Phil's cousins included a teething ring, too, but we've already had to bust that thing open.

Bella, and The Kid, love the Bumbo. It's going to be a real point of contention. Exciting.
Thank you for the baby things. Thank you for the handwritten notes. Thank you for the lovely card. Thank you for the family photos, which we've framed and put on The Kid's family photo shelf. Thank you for supporting us, for thinking of us, and for taking care of us. Sending all our love back to you, along with a mega-load of gratitude.

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