Monday, August 15, 2016

Abandoned by Auntie Kate

Auntie Kate has left the country. She decided to follow through with her longstanding plan to abandon us for the cold comforts of America yesterday morning. It was rough, not the least because we had to wake up at 6am, after waking up at 4am, after going to bed at midnight, because we were watching What About Bob. I started to cry at the airport, but I was too tired to get beyond a couple tears. On the way home, I suddenly realized that I wasn't a passenger, but was, in fact, driving the car, and had to operate the vehicle. We are all safe in our own homes now.

I'm compartmentalizing the fact that she's gone. I can't imagine changing all those diapers myself. We crammed in as much fun as possible during her last couple of weeks here. I am behind on sharing things with you. I have recipes, tourist sites, funny dog stories, crafts, mail, and all sorts of dull anecdotes to shove down your throats.

I will try to catch up this week and next. Go easy on me. I'm single parenting while Phil is out of town. Here are a few photos from our lives before Kate left:

Kate made this cake because Phil left and we were sad.

She also made this cake because we wanted cake.

It was a good cake.

This is our chocolate dipping day, with the fondant Kate made for us. The chocolate was a gift from our California relatives. They sent us a big box of stuff, which you'll see later.

Kate made wheat bread, too. This makes it look like all we did was bake and eat before she left. That's only mostly true.

Bagels. I'm getting better at them.

White chocolate dipped pretzels. These didn't turn out as well.
The chocolate was driving us crazy.

Beach day at Sounio. Check out our new beach shade.

See, so we didn't only bake and eat. We also sat around.

Kate and I made a special trip to Nafplio for gelato and worry beads. Here she is coming out of the cool worry bead store, with a fabulously expensive set of beads. It was worth it. I like this shot because there's a dude walking into the frame, with a bunch of gelato shoved in his face. Well done, dude.

Check out this enormous cruise ship in the water by Nafplio. It's too big to be allowed. 

Nafplio in the summer. I took a photo in this spot back in January. It's on the blog. See if you can find it.

Now see if you can find Kate in this photo from Epidavros.

This is a flattering selfie. I like this.

Miss you, Auntie Kate. When you get the chance, come back. There's a diaper with your name on it.

Fine, I'll change it.

This photo was staged, but she really did walk to her gate about a minute after I took it.
Goodbye! We love you!

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