Sunday, July 10, 2016


Poor Bella is sleep-deprived, dealing with bum problems, nursing a hot spot on her paw, wary of our visitors, and still trying to figure out the round, red thing that sits and screams on my lap all day.

She's, very wisely I think, been taking some time for herself recently, in various hiding spots around the house.

Here are two of her hidey-holes:

You've seen her in the bottom of the stroller before, but she put herself there voluntarily this morning after our walk. She's still asleep in it.

Kate made this hole for Bella, because we missed seeing her during her self-imposed naps in the back bedrooms. 

Other spots include: inside her house in the fireplace, inside her house in the kitchen, underneath Kate's bed, underneath Phil's bed, inside the duffel bag that I still haven't unpacked from our trip last weekend.

It's become a fun game for me, trying to figure out where's she's decided to give herself a time-out. I was worried at first, but she's still eating, drinking, walking, and playing, so I know she's not completely depressed. She just needs her alone time. Funny.

For the record, my hidey holes are the kitchen balcony, the bathtub, and underneath my giant pregnancy pillow in the bedroom.

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