Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Arrival of Auntie Kate

She's here!!!

Oh, she's here!

We've been looking forward to Kate coming for so long now, it doesn't seem real. Kate arrived on Saturday morning after nearly missing a connecting flight. Aside from that crisis, she had a great transitory trip. She watched a bunch of movies, and thought the airline food was delicious. We met Kate outside of customs with all the other sign-holders. We brought our own sign. I wanted to make a big banner and wear costumes, but I still had my infected finger.

Kate's already cleaned my kitchen, put away several Laundry Mountains, and was traumatized by my child screaming inconsolably at her while I ran errands. She claims she isn't jet lagged, but has been found dead asleep in several uncomfortable positions. She's promised to write a regular post on here every Wednesday while she's staying with us. This is a big boon for you.

Welcome, Kate!

All my friends waiting outside customs.

She's here!

Bella just about died. She crawled in Kate's suitcase and cried.

"Why didn't you come sooner?!" -Bella

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