Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Anecdotes from Lately

I was working on my secret project, a Baby Book for our kid, while Phil was at work. I had my work spread out on the floor, and was sorting through photographs. Bella walked in, dragged her stuffed animal on top of my stuff, and started humping it, maintaining eye contact as she did.

The weather is hot, and we're not getting out early enough for our walks. About half an hour into our strolls, Bella reaches her wall, and refuses to move. In previous years, I've just picked her up off the ground and carried her. That's a lot harder to do with a stroller, so she and I reached a compromise.

The best part is when people don't see her and she barks.

I was walking home from laiki, pushing a heavy stroller, carrying a watermelon, and leading my dog, when I noticed a cat eating out of a dumpster ahead of us. I was paying such close attention to the cat that I dropped the leash. A few embarrassing minutes later, we all made it home. A quick look in the mirror showed my hair coming undone, my bra half out of my shirt, and my shorts riding up noticeably.

I may have lost my dignity, but I did not lose the food.

The Kid is pretty good at lifting his giant head. I've started doing a little bit of "tummy time," without really knowing what exactly tummy time is. He's not able to roll over yet,. Instead, he scoots himself forward with his legs, dragging his smashed face along the playmat.

Thanks to Phil, I finally know the name of our gardener. Theo has done a really wonderful job keeping my gardenia and rose bush on life support. A few weeks ago, he brought us a beautiful potted petunia as a congratulatory gift. On Sunday night, I remembered that I hadn't watered it for a few days. It is also on life support.


Yesterday morning, I took out my phone to capture a photo of The Kid when I caught a glimpse in the front-facing camera. 

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