Saturday, April 30, 2016

Great and Holy Saturday Outing

While everyone was in church this morning, we jumped in the car and drove to Sounio. It was the baby's first outing to an archaeological site. He dug it. Heh. Get it?

We packed light.

Sounio was gorgeous today. We decided to bring the dog, because she needed the attention. They don't allow dogs at the Temple of Poseidon, but there's a nice hill opposite the temple with stunning views. Bella and I crawled all over it while Phil, my mom, and the infant checked out the temple site.

There's the temple, and my family members, on the adjoining hill.

Here's an incredible view of the water from my vantage point. If you're wondering why it's out of focus...

Transcript: [horrible wind noises] "Something you should know about Sounio...[horrible wind noises]'s almost always really windy. [horrible wind noises] Here's the dog. [horrible wind noises] Windy!"

 I'm so glad to have my mom here. She's been a huge help to us. The timing worked out perfectly. She really wanted to be here for Easter. We're really glad she's here for Easter, not the least because she was able to do some pre-Easter shopping for us. After today, the stores will be closed until Wednesday. Normally, everyone would go back to work on the Tuesday after Easter, but because tomorrow is also May 1st, May Day, or Labour Day (a big deal in Europe), the Greek government decided to push observance of that holiday until Tuesday.

I opened the fridge yesterday and found this. At least we'll have enough milk.

I'm not going to be live-blogging church tonight, because it won't start to get good until midnight. There should be a bunch  of church bells, fireworks, candles, lanterns, and other assorted celebratory happenings. Church goes for a while after that, then everyone runs home to break their Lenten fast with lamb stew. I'll do what I can to document, but no promises.

I'll leave you with some pretty flowers.

These were on a tree outside a bakery. 

These were a gift from our friends who stopped by to see our infant.

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