Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Crochet Update

Two weeks ago (or something).

Last week (I think).

It's really starting to come along, no thanks to Bella.

Blurry nighttime photo of the granny square hoarder.

Angry that I took her granny squares.

I've had Phil's cold for the past couple days. It's probably not fair to blame him, since everyone's been sick. This cold has been uncharacteristically beneficial, because it's given me loads of time to sit and crochet. It has also been characteristically un-beneficial because I had to work on a professional development fellowship application today and actually use my brain for a while, despite it feeling like dumb sludge. I think it turned out all right. If I get the fellowship, I'll tell you what I'm planning. If I don't, we will never speak of this again.

Other interesting, or maybe not, things:
  • Phil and I are having pancakes for dinner tonight, because I am completely out of ideas. 
  • I managed to back up my computer files today without breaking any hardware--a first.
  • Our friend sent us his wedding invitation and the inside of the envelope is black! It's so cool. 
  • The Peeps we got are almost gone. 

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