Thursday, March 24, 2016

More Dead Plants

This is a sick joke, right?

We had a dust storm in Athens this week. I guess a couple times a year, dust from the Sahara blows into southern Europe. It gets very gritty and windy. I was primping in the bathroom when I heard a weird noise. Upon investigating, I found my newly planted seedlings all over my ****ing balcony. I roared in agony, then desperately sifted through the dirt on my hands and knees, looking for seeds to save. I rescued some dill and coriander, but the lavender was a total loss.

At what point do you accept that you can't garden?

Here are some wild plants. I took this photo later in the day so that I can just print it off and stick it in a pot, instead of trying to make a real thing grow.

Speaking of sick things, look at what I found.

Can you see it? Look closely...

Is that not the most horrifying thing you've ever seen?! First I'm getting cursed by panhandlers, then I have dreams about Mount Vernon dollar bills, my plants keep dying, and I find a headless, horrifying doll in a construction site. This place is freaky, man. It's freaky. 

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