Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday Things

Dinner last night was a smashing success, thanks to my gluttonous hunger that couldn't be satisfied with normal portions of mashed potatoes, gravy, and roast beef. The company was also excellent. Our neighbors are a lot of fun, and they brought brownies. I meant to take photos to show you how it all turned out, but I was honestly too hungry.

This is all that's left from dinner last night, and dinner tonight.
I made parmesan chicken with the meat from the online butcher place. It was good.
Please come do the dishes. 

Phil's been busy "fixing Jane things." While he was gone, Netflix caught on to our VPN and booted us from the U.S. site. We can use Netflix from our Greek internet, but there are about 6,000 fewer shows. Netflix threatened to start cracking down on VPNs at the end of last year, in conjunction with their roll-out of international sites. From what we've heard, they only really started bumming out expats with VPNs in the past couple of weeks. I understand why they need to be careful about their licensing agreements, but in a much more real sense, I don't care and I just want my shows. Phil's trying to figure out what we're going to do about it. 

Another Jane thing that requires fixing is my brand new gorgeous laptop. Two days before Phil came home, I dropped my brand new gorgeous laptop on the floor and destroyed the hard drive. I may have destroyed other parts, too, but that's what Phil's currently trying to determine. I cried really hard. It's funny, I read stories about dogs that are intimately attuned to their owners' emotions, and are quick to provide comfort when they see their owners are in distress. Bella couldn't have cared less that I was sobbing. Phil was more sympathetic, and has been extremely patient and kind, especially considering how much freaking time and money he spent on getting me the brand new gorgeous laptop before I destroyed it. I'm writing to you from my old laptop that is missing the "J" key, because Bella chewed it off. 

I spent most of today applying for a job. This particular position required a really specific application form. It wasn't just one of those "update your resume really quick, and slap a cover letter on it" jobs. The form had an estimated completion time of one hour. So four hours after I started it, I was able to send it off to the decisionmakers. It's kind of nice to spend that long on an application, because by the time you get it done, you just don't care what happens.

Tonight, I figured out how to store my earrings. 
I got the idea from a Valentine garland kit that Phil's mom sent to us. Those are tiny clothespins clamping the earrings to the yarn. 

Phil picked up our mail today, including a package with my new command hooks. I was finally able to hang up my necklaces. Hooray!

It's like the job application, now that I've figured out what to do with my jewelry, I don't care if I ever wear it again.

I'm really pleased with the way it turned out, but I'm a dedicated truther, so I have to show you the whole story.

Bloggers lie about how nice their houses look. The crap on my dresser is nicely organized into piles, but it is still crap and it is still in piles. Someday, I may clean it up really nicely.
And, another thing, that pink shirt on the hamper has a blood stain on it, because Bella tore a hole in my stomach with her claw yesterday when I picked her up. Maybe she hates me...

Is this a new low for the blog? I'm literally showing you pictures of dirty dishes and bloody clothes. I need to try harder.

Hope your Monday is going really well. 


  1. Even your clutter is organized!

    1. It's organized into piles by level of importance. The pile of the right is "important stuff I should probably store in a secure place." The pile on the left in the back is "stuff that is important because of sentimental value that I should probably store in a secure place." The pile inside the gourd bowl is just "stuff I should probably store."


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