Thursday, March 24, 2016

Mail Call

Belated, and not so belated, mail call of the nice things we've received recently.

Anniversary Cards

We recently celebrated our anniversary, and got two very nice cards from Phil's family (along with a bunch of nice text messages from other family--y'all are on top of anniversaries, and we do thank you for thinking of us!).

From Phil's aunt and uncle.

From Phil's dad and family.

Easter Goodies

My mom mailed us (me) some Peeps, candy, and a few notes of interest. I wanted to share one of them. This is a portrait my dad drew of my mom when she was 7 months pregnant.

I didn't ask the artist or the subject for permission to post this, so get a good look now in case they ask me to take it down, or pay royalties.

Fundraising Solicitations

I want to send a big thank you to Mount Vernon estate for sending me a crisp $1 bill, along with a bunch of highfalutin nonsense about how children need more George Washington in their lives. I will not be returning the dollar bill, along with a larger, personal contribution, but I appreciate your fundraising attempt. This is way better than the 6 cents someone sent me last week to feed the children, or whatever.

By the way, some of the best advice I've ever received was to purchase an annual pass to Mount Vernon. If you live in the DC area, you only have to go twice to recover the cost. It is an absolutely beautiful place to hang out. You can even take your dog there. Bella loved peeing on George Washington's lawn. Last year, they did away with their annual pass, but if you get a basic membership, you get the same entrance benefits, AND they'll send you a dollar in the mail to try to guilt you into donating.

So, the only potentially bad thing about this is that I've started having dreams about Mount Vernon dollar bills. You don't can't be cursed, can it? I'm really not in a position to be invoking more philanthropically-related curses.

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