Thursday, March 31, 2016

A Big (Baby) Mail Call

We're running out of ways to thank you for your love, support, and wicked awesome presents. We got three big boxes in the mail this week from our families. Phil's been feeling under the weather, and I've been oppressed by my sore-but-healing foot. These really picked us up.

From Phil's Dad and Family:

All I've wanted to eat this week is sugar in its most vilified form. You're looking at my breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the foreseeable future.

The robe and blanket are so soft. I decided the baby doesn't want them, and I'm going to try to sew them together and use them as a throw for myself. I'm sure Bella would like to confiscate the elephant toy, but that's not happening. The shoes remind me of a Disney Yahtzee game at my mom's house. The Mickeys were wild. You always wanted to roll a bunch of Mickeys.

I stupidly deleted the first video I took of Bella checking out this other great elephant toy. It was twelve times funnier than this one. We'll have to imagine it together.

From My Sister:

More of the basic food groups. Those nerd jelly beans, or whatever they are, are fantastic! I've eaten most of them already.   

Greatest Hits for Baby. My sister went through this process a little more than a year ago. She's been an indispensible source of advice and support for me, and her baby is an absolute cherub. Also, I copy everything my sister does. I don't think I do it consciously, but I might as well. She's the type of person everyone should emulate. 

I need to figure out a better display for this baby sock countdown. I'm not doing it justice in its current position. It is so delightful. We have a lot of newborn socks, but we didn't have many for his later months. This is perfect, and it's fun, and I sort of don't want to dismantle it, even though it's intended to be dismantled. And, look closely, can you see the tiny, blue clothespins? Miniature things kill me. I am dead. 

From Phil's Mom:

I need to make an amendment to my earlier statement about only wanting to eat candy this week.. Although that has been the general rule, I have been making an exception for chips and salsa. I'd just run out of chips when these arrived by mail. Cannot wait to get started on them, though I'll probably have to share with Phil. Marriage. 

Pants! I've been worried about the kid's lack of pants. Oh, my. I love the colors and patterns of all of these clothes. I'm hopeful that the kid will be cute on his own, so you all don't have to lie and say he is, but he's going to look absolutely beautiful in this clothing. 

Last, but in no way least, this is the sweater that Phil's mom knitted. We love it so much. She has such a talent for knitting, and we're thrilled to benefit from it. 

In reading back through this post, it struck me that I started off saying how much Phil and I appreciate these gifts, then when I really got to describing them, it made it sound like they were addressed to me and me alone. Good. I'm glad I'm clearly conveying my inner self. These are my presents, and I love them. Phil's very thankful for them, too, but less thankful than he would be if I'd share. It's not going to happen, except maybe, maybe, with the chips and salsa.

Thank you for the wonderful gifts. We love all of you. We can't wait to see you.

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