Saturday, January 30, 2016

Successful Soup Saturday

It occurred to me today that it's no longer terrifying to go to the grocery store. I had four separate half-Greek, half-English conversations with people. And it was fine.

In case you run away with ideas about my language skills, the Greek was entirely on their side. I still haven't learned enough. Sue me.

The woman at the deli counter gave me free slices of delicious-looking turkey with a napkin, so I could have theoretically shoved it in my face right then. Yes! Later, an older woman helped me unload my shopping cart at the register, gesturing at my inflated uterus while she did so. To cap the whole thing off, I was able to find and purchase every single thing on my list, which feels like a huge accomplishment. 

We've been here for seven months, so I guess I shouldn't be feeling too smug about my ability to adapt. But, I did it! I adapted! Let's go home now.

The real cause for my celebration today is that I successfully scaled down a family recipe that's historically been used to make a huge quantity for canning. I have proof. See below.

A peek inside the very-badly cared for pot reveals...

Grandma Dot's tomato soup!
Poor Phil came home from Albania yesterday with a cold.
Dinner tonight was the tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches on my sourdough.
I didn't make the butter or the cheese.
Give me time.

It's been a while since Bella's been featured on here. This is her "I won't look at the camera" face.

This is her "I'm still not going to look at the camera" face.
Happy Saturday!

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