Monday, January 4, 2016


This weekend, Phil drove us to Nafplio. It's an old Venetian city in the Peloponnese, about two hours from our house. The entire drive (once we were outside Athens) was beautiful. The city itself was really nice. It caters to tourists, which means it's clean and adorable. It also has the best gelato in Greece, according to everyone. I don't know who everyone is, I just know they said it was the best gelato in Greece. It was pretty freaking good.

The city of Nafplio from one of the old Venetian castles on the hills. That's an old fort in the water.
The two smoke plumes you can see are from people burning their fields. I don't know exactly what they were burning.
There were a lot of orange groves around the area.

Check out Phil and Bella and all the cactus.
This is at the very end of the road to an old castle. The views were great.
There was a ton of trash on the ground, though. Beer cans and condoms and the like.

There's a fortress on the hill behind Phil. You can walk 999 steps to get to it, or you can drive right up to the front door.
Right after I took this picture, I stepped in a giant pile of crap. I told myself it was cow manure. There were no cows.

Bella's standing on the ruins of an ancient Venetian castle. What a cool dog.
It's weird, there are tons of ruins here, and for the most part you can climb all over them without interference. 

Here's that same old castle, with the bigger castle in the background. You can see the stairs on the left side of the mountain.

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed inside the big old fortress on the hill.  Like I'd let my dog crawl all over ancient ruins...
Anyway, she and I sat outside in the sort-of parking lot waiting for Phil to finish exploring. We didn't realize how giant it is.
There's part of it way up there on the hill. 

After Phil left the fortress, and we got some of the best gelato in Greece, we decided to head back to Athens.
Bella was ready for her afternoon nap. She passed out as soon as we got in the car.

We passed this view on the drive home. This is such a beautiful area. I love it so much more than Athens.

Phil found another view of the isthmus a little later on in the drive.
Bella and I waited in the car. One of us was more anxious than the other.

Bella's anxious face, zoomed.

Nafplio: Highly recommended. Maybe leave your dog home.

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