Thursday, January 28, 2016

Christmas Card Challenge: An Update

Where are we at with this thing? I can't remember. Several of you have fallen at this point. We've also received several more cards in the mail. Something happened with the mail over the holiday season. They had a delay somewhere along the chain that backed up a lot of packages and letters. I want to say that KLM was involved in some capacity, but I'm not sure enough that I want to put any blame on them for fear of defamation.

I initially decided to add a second heat to the contest, to try to make it fair, but one of the second-heat cards fell off a day after I put it on the wall, so I decided it's probably fair enough. If you have any complaints about fairness, send me a letter (heh).

Here's the wall at present. We've lost a few, but we've gained a few.
Oh, the anticipation.

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