Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Day

Merry (belated by 3 days) Christmas!

We hope you had a wonderful holiday, or just a wonderful day, if you don't dig on Christmas. We had a really nice time here in Greece. I'll tell you about it, but first look at my German Christmas pyramid in action. We got it from a Christmas market in Mainz, and I love it. Turn your volume down before you watch the video, because the dryer was running in the background, and it sounds like a military grade jet engine. I tried dubbing over it with Tina Turner, but the file became too big to upload. I also tried to upload a longer video that actually shows the fan turning on top, but it was taking hours to upload, and I gave up. 

Christmas day was a mellow in the city. All the stores and a lot of restaurants were closed. Traffic was beautiful. It was like driving in August: not a lot of cars, not a lot of motorcycles...a true Christmas miracle. And speaking of August, the weather was fantastic. It was mid 60s and sunny. The Greeks were bundled like Utahns in January, which is really funny to mock until you go to Germany for a weekend and dress like a climber on Everest while the Germans are in light windbreakers. 

On Christmas morning, we slept in late, and ate a bunch of Ebelskivers for breakfast. Phil and I have a longstanding argument about how you're supposed to eat those. I eat mine dipped in sugar. He eats his with syrup. I can't remember what my other family members do, but I think one or more of them eat theirs with jam. It's a very versatile breakfast. For lunch we had a traditional American ham, turkey, and potatoes meal hosted by our church. Later, after the food naps, we went to The Nutcracker ballet with some friends who were visiting Athens. The ballet was performed by the Bolshoi Ballet Academy at the Badminton Theatre. Can you guess what the theatre used to be? I'll give you a hint, the building was used to showcase an Olympic sport with rackets and shuttlecocks. The ballet started at 8:00pm which, in Greek time, actually meant 8:25pm. The theatre had some concessions, including booze, a candy, and nachos (for real). 

Here's the Athens clan on Christmas morning:

Clothes! So exciting!

She doesn't know what's going on, but she's on board with it.

I know you're wondering and, yes, there is a flap in the back.

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