Thursday, September 10, 2015

Carton Caution

In Greece, grocery store eggs are packed in plastic containers. So if you walk home with a carton of eggs banging against your leg through a plastic bag, this is what you can expect:

My left calf is just the latest casualty here in Greece.
All of our heavy wood furniture has really sharp edges, too,
which is something I didn't know, having never had an interest in heavy wood furniture.
I'm going to start documenting the damage done to me, and request compensation at the end of our assignment.

If I had known there was going to be blood, I would have brought our grocery cart.

But these containers are useless. They're so hard to snap back together once opened.
Has some invented better egg packaging? No, I guess that's just called "having backyard chickens."
How do you think the landlord would respond if I got some balcony chickens?

This is a photo of Phil sitting on our hotel room balcony in Zakynthos. The poor man spent a lot of time sitting there while I napped, and napped, and napped, and...

...woke up, rolled over, took a photo, and napped again.

Our neighbor just asked if he could use our parking space until we get our car. I agreed, and then instantly developed anxiety about it. "Maybe I shouldn't have agreed. Maybe our car will come tomorrow. Maybe we'll never get our parking spot back again." It's a parking spot, assigned to our apartment, for a car we don't even have yet that our neighbor will definitely return when asked. These are the things that keep me up at night.

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