Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Gang at One Month

We just completed our first full month in Athens. The end of June doesn't count because of all the jet lag. Here's our one month status update:


Phil is settling into his job. He likes his coworkers, and the restaurants around his office. He's picked up a few Greek words, and can navigate the grocery stores in the area with ease. Phil found us a new t.v. and got us started on our next series, "An Idiot Abroad." His favorite things about Athens so far are the weather and the beaches.

Phil also found these great looking prescription sunglasses.
He looks so attractive in this photo,
hauling all that food in that folding shopping cart.


Bella doesn't know where we are, or what we're doing here, but she keeps finding food that people leave out for stray cats, so she's happy. She loves her balconies, running around on wood floors, and incautiously digging up the fancy furniture we don't own.  Her favorite things about Athens so far are sleeping and stray cat food.

I've converted Bella's potty into a plant pad.
Totally worth the money.

The Plants

Speaking of the plants, they are thriving. Thanks for asking. 



I'm finally in a good place with my oven, and can bake whatever desserts I want. I've developed a compulsive need for gyros. I still don't like feta, it's just not good. I've practiced yoga twice now (2 times!). I miss my fitness classes, and wish I could still get paid to dance to my music. My favorite things about Athens so far are the beautiful climate, and being able to make videos like this when Phil's gone. 

People used to pay me for this. Sort of.

We're doing well, we're exploring more, and we're getting ready for all of you to come visit. You are coming, right?

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