Thursday, August 20, 2015

Resignation, and the Rest of Our Stuff

The Greek Prime Minister just resigned. Greece was already planning to hold early elections in September, but his resignation now is a bit surprising. I can see the appeal in announcing an election a month before it happens. Imagine if we did that. We wouldn't have to listen to all this preliminary crap, we'd just get the bottom-line crap.

The bigger news in our world is that we got the rest of our stuff! It arrived yesterday. We were knee-deep in boxes and wrapping paper, and I didn't have a chance to tell you how materialistically overjoyed I was. I'm ecstatic to have my things, and I'm thankful that I didn't have to deal with the logistics of it.

I didn't have a full scope of just how bad our DC movers were until I looked inside the boxes. They put the teacup I inherited from my grandma in a box labeled "books." It was sitting right at the top, wrapped in a sheet of plain wrapping paper. That got better treatment than the glass votive candle holders my grandma gave me for my wedding. They threw those, unwrapped, at the bottom of a box full of miscellaneous junk. One of them was absolutely pulverized. They shipped us a few things that were supposed to be stored. They used one full box for four board games. Back in June, they were concerned about fitting all the boxes onto one truck. Oy.

We got off easy, though. Our friends told us a story of their DC movers, who got lost while following the husband to the house, wouldn't answer their phones, completely disappeared for an hour, and finally showed up after clearly having been off somewhere ingesting something inebriating.

The Greek movers have been fabulous. The guys yesterday brought us a gift bag with a box opener, a pen, a pad of paper, and a measuring tape. Phil stood at the doorway, and told them where to put each box. They helped us open and unwrap all our stuff, and took away the boxes when they left. They even screwed the legs on our table, and set up our bookshelf.

I'd much rather be the movers on the receiving end of stuff. If the other movers were terrible, you look great by comparison. Unwrapping is a lot faster than wrapping, and there's less stuff to go through because a good chunk is back home in storage. And your clients are so grateful to have their Harry Potter boxed set after a two month separation, they'll go overboard on the tip.

This is the mess, half cleaned up. Who can spot the "horror movie scene waiting to happen" in this picture?
Also, check out the peanut butter in the back. We came prepared.

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