Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Putting the House Together

Now that we have all our stuff, I've been spending my time trying to put it together. I have a good idea of where I want things to go, but in another more real sense, I have no idea where I want things to go. Oh, well. It will all end up somewhere.

At the bottom of today's post are a bunch of pictures I took yesterday. I didn't take photos today because my friend took me out to lunch, and we ended up hanging out for several hours. That's right, I have a friend. I can make friends. 

After lunch at a pita place, where I ordered the chicken gyros platter (of course), we decided to introduce our dogs to each other. Hers is a really sweet, really gorgeous American Bulldog. Mine, as you know, is a poodle-witch. It was not an instant friendship. A lot of the blame falls on me. My friend offered to stay outside with her dog, so I could bring Bella down to neutral territory. I said that I thought Bella would be more comfortable in our house. I was incorrect.

When we leave home, we shut Bella in the kitchen with her little house and a noise machine. She usually sleeps comfortably in her house until we get back. I went into the kitchen today to let her out, and she was just waking up, like usual. She crawled out of her house, turned the corner, and walked straight into the massive, massive face of the bulldog. That must be what dog nightmares are like; you wake up and there's a beast 20 times your size in the living room. Her screams violated quiet hours. We went on a walk together, some of us more reluctantly than others, then "played" in the living room. Bella finally started to relax...an hour after they left.

That was her cardio for the day.

Bella in a calmer moment, enjoying our patio set.
She's starting to use her grass mat more often.
Like, in this picture, she's using it as a plate. She carried her food to it from the kitchen.

Bella in the middle of another food run, and my re-potted plants.
I love these pots! They're so colorful and so cheap!

My shrine to my grandma.
She wood burned that proverb for me one day after I whined a lot.

Took a lunch break. Just needed to show off what I made.
I made that pizza sauce. I made it.
Someone pat me on the back, I'm a Millennial. 

We decided to keep this very fine specimen of a solid wood credenza...

...to store our board games.

This is the kids' bookcase.
It has lots of books and toys for when our friends' kids come over.
It's pretext for keeping Little House on the Prairie within sight.
You never know when you'll need to re-read Little Town on the Prairie.

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