Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mail Call

Phil's mom sent me a giant box full of wonderful, wonderful surprises.

Want to guess what's inside? It's a good chance for you to test your Jane knowledge.

I'll give you a bit of space between the photos so you have time to really think about your guesses.


A whole ton of Halloween stuff! Decorations, craft supplies, baking treats!
I don't even need Oriental Trading!

American food!
I ripped open the Goldfish, and Phil said, "Take a deep breath, that's American air."
I'm so thrilled by the sour candies. Those are hard to find here.
I wonder if they exist...

Catalogs! I can catalog shop, and circle everything I want.

Bella can't wait.

Thank you so, so, so much! I can't believe it all fit in the box. This was an amazing pick-me-up, and I so appreciate your thoughtfulness.


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