Thursday, August 13, 2015

Hygeia Hospital

I had an appointment today at Hygeia Hospital in Athens. Hygeia was the first big private hospital in Greece. It was founded in the 70's by a group of Greek doctors. The hospital is pretty highly rated, and, in addition to serving locals, caters to the medical tourism industry. 

Navigating the hospital is a bit difficult. They have signs in English, but it's still pretty confusing. Each section has its own cashier, and you either have to pay before you receive services (labwork, radiology, other crap), or after your appointment. The doctors' offices in some areas are really small. They have a couple chairs in a small hallway instead of waiting rooms. All of the staff speak Greek, some of the staff speak some English, and a few of the staff speak English fluently. It's the luck of the draw, really. Google translate saved the day today. 

There are a couple cool things about this hospital. One is that you get actual, physical copies of lab results before you leave, and doctors will tell you results as soon as they see them. For example, if you get an x-ray, the doctor will tell you what he saw before you leave the x-ray machine, then will send you away with a printed summary of the findings, printed copies of your insides, and a CD with the scans. Another cool thing is that they give you a patient ID card for the hospital, and offer discounts for future services, like a grocery store rewards program, but with MRIs instead of orange juice. One other thing I think is cool is that on the way out of the hospital, the very last thing you see before you walk out the main doors is a very high-end skin care product store with a name like "Sereneskin," or something. Cool.

It still looks like every other hospital, though.
Who designs these things?
It's like, "Let's make it as depressing as possible."

I went back and snapped a few more pictures of the monastery. It's become one of my favorite places, probably because I have a new heroine in Saint Philothei. I can't get over how rad she was.

Old wall, and trash.

Part of the church sticking up, and trash.

There it is.

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