Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Mountain, a Bakery, and a Stadium

Just got back from exploring. Here's where we went today:

The top of Mount Lycabettus.
Acropolis is above-left of Phil's right shoulder. Parliament is straight left of it.
Wikipedia says that Athena created this mountain in mythology.
She accidentally dropped it when she was working on the Acropolis.

It was really windy on top, and it felt great.
We rode the funicular up, and walked down. A funicular is like a tram,
unless you're married to an engineer, who will tell you it's not like a tram at all.
North Athens is behind me.

The Greek Pancake House.
This is the second time we've tried to come here.
There's a chance they're closed for good.
We were distraught, but found a French bakery.
It was called "The Bread of Life."
It was our salvation.

Panatheniac Stadium.
This is the only stadium in the world built entirely from marble,
because marble is like gravel over here.
They crunch it up and put it in their roads.
For real, they really do that. 

This site was used for the ancient Olympics,
then renovated a few times, including for the revival of the Olympics in the late 1800s.
It was also used for the MTV Greece launch party.

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