Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wednesday's Important Topics

Taking a brief break from the mess to discuss a few important topics. I also painted my toenails.

The first topic is Greek yogurt. I need more Vitamin D and Calcium. My default foods contain a lot of Vitamin C, which can either be construed as "chocolate" or "carbohydrates." I love and need both, but I've gotta shove some of the other things in there on occasion. As a result, I've been trying to eat more Greek yogurt. 

I don't like it. I'm sorry to offend my host nation, and legions of loyal American fans, but it's just not good. I am desperately in search of ways to make it taste better. I really liked it when I mixed it with applesauce, but in a shocking twist, the applesauce I was eating was the high fructose corn syrup stuff. So no wonder it was fantastic. I've also tried mixing it with banana. That was okay. Please give me more ideas, or I'm just going to start mixing it with chocolate and bread...hey, now...

The dreaded container. I think that word means, "cow," but I genuinely don't know.

Second, please look at my new shower curtain. It really makes me happy.

Thanks, IKEA

Third, I need to use an aging head of lettuce. I really don't want to throw it out, but it tastes gross independent of other foods. Please make suggestions, but don't you dare suggest mixing it with Greek yogurt. 

Fourth and last, here's another picture of Bella for your Wednesday pleasure:

If she were uglier, she'd be featured less.


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