Saturday, July 25, 2015

Tipping for Dinner

Phil's been out of town this week, and I've done a really great job of not breaking anything, including my own sanity (although I have had some long, detailed conversations with my dog, so...). I've also done a really great job of making delicious dinners for myself every night. Tonight, I decided to celebrate my successes with a big ol' box of chicken and fries. Thank you, Click Delivery. 

There's a pita buried under there. I had to dig for a couple hours before I found it.

Tipping isn't really expected in Greece. Sometimes a gratuity is included in the price of the meal, but to actually tip on top of the final bill is not common practice for the locals. I am not local, and tipping is an ingrained practice. After a brief internal struggle, I decided not to tip the delivery driver tonight, and now I am beating myself up over it. Bella and I talked it over, and decided to go online to research appropriate tipping practices in Greece. Most of the information I found was geared toward tourists, and not tortured, guilt-filled expats using an online delivery service. According to these websites, tipping has become an expected practice from American tourists. The sites went on to say that because Greeks don't make high salaries, and the economy is so terrible, it's become good practice as a decent human being to at least give a small, greatly appreciated tip to economically depressed people who provide a valued service to you, you cruel, heartless, greedy pig.

I think I'll tip from now on.

I told Phil I'd be able to eat the whole thing myself.
That chicken just doesn't end.
Maybe I'll pretend like I bought an extra box to save face.

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