Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Summer Yuletide

It's here! Our air freight has come! It came in four big boxes, stuffed to the top with paper wrappings. It was exactly like Christmas. I tore into the boxes with just as festive an attitude, if not more. The movers were really kind. They helped me unwrap every single item, and like adults at Christmas, smiled indulgently while I carelessly chucked things on the floor and enthusiastically ripped into the next parcel. They even hauled away the wrapping paper when they left. God bless us, every one.

Piles of stuff and it's all mine ours.

Here are the things I've missed most:

Having more than one pillow. 

Food storage containers.

Kitchen tools.

Wall personality.

This particular potholder.

The incomparable recipe book Kate made for us.

(Not pictured: my craft stuff, my dishes, my bedding, everything else)

Bella was excited to see our stuff, too. She was particularly happy to be reunited with her bed, after being away from it for over a month. She celebrated in typical fashion.

Prior to this graphic love-fest, Bella and I walked around the block to our new favorite little street cart to eat another carbohydrate heavy midmorning snack. This brings us to the...

Greek Street Treat of the Week:

Loukoumas: A Greek sugar doughnut
It was a great walk.

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