Monday, July 20, 2015

Making Do

We just found out that our air freight shipment has arrived, and will be delivered either tomorrow or Wednesday. I probably should have spent this time of separation learning to appreciate that having stuff isn't everything in life, but I didn't. I'm so glad it's coming.

That's not to say we haven't found ways to make do with what we have. When I needed to store those 4th of July rice krispie treats, I wrapped them in parchment paper and stuck them in a plastic bag. When Bella had a sore spot on her foot that she wouldn't stop licking, we fashioned a bandage from a piece of toilet paper, twist ties, and a plastic bag. When I needed a carrying case for some thank you cookies...well, basically it all just comes down to having plastic bags.

In honor of making do, and plastic bags, here's how you can make a decent thank you gift without the material requirements of Pinterest.

"Making Do" Thank You Gift:

Step 1:
Bake your most showy cookies (alternatively, buy a carton of showy cookies--that would have been a jillion times easier). I made cut out cookies. All of my cookie cutters are stuck in a carton on a boat in the middle of the ocean, so I used a cup to cut circles in the dough.

Step 2:
Find a carrying case for your thank you cookies. All of my disposable plates are stuck on that same boat. I upcycled one (that's Pinterest-talk for "scrambled around looking for anything that might work") from an old cereal box. I cut the box in half, width-wise, and wrapped it in foil to keep it all together.
I've got to start taking photos in natural morning light.
This will never be a serious lazy lifestyle blog.
Step 3:
Put the cookies in a European produce bag. Write a nice note using the magic marker you stole from the movers, and a half sheet of the printer paper stack you shoved in your suitcase "just in case." Slice a small hole in the paper, and shove one handle of the plastic bag through the gigantic rip that ensues.

Step 4:
Tie it all together, and reward yourself by eating 2-3 of the leftover cookies that wouldn't fit in the tray.
Doesn't get much classier.
The banks are finally open today. There are still withdrawal limits, but at least people and businesses can access their accounts. Lots of people are still angry, and higher taxes are set to go into effect on some things. Good news for Americans, the euro fell against the dollar. It's currently worth $1.08, with some people predicting it could fall to $1.05. Bottom line: come visit us.

We returned to IKEA yesterday (told you), in another futile attempt to purchase a mattress topper. The Tuddal, it turns out, is hugely popular, probably because it's the second-to-cheapest model, and way better than the other ones. We felt sad, but buoyed ourselves up by buying a bag of meatballs, a package of frozen fish, and six little planter cups with herb seedlings.

Another example of making do:
I didn't have plastic wrap to cover the seedlings.
Those are cut up plastic bags held on the cup with elastic bands.
Half are rubber bands, half are old hair bands.

We have basil, oregano, thyme, parsley, and two other ones I don't remember.

I'm beginning to feel better from my weekend infirmity. Until today, it's been a lot of sitting on the couch with this view:

Could be worse.
Happy Monday!

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