Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Goodbye, D.C. (Long Overdue) Part 2:

Goodbye, "Airplane Park."

Goodbye to these trees.

Goodbye to all the monuments...

...and cemeteries.

Goodbye to Old Town, and goodbye, cobble street.

Goodbye, PRC friends I was able to meet. 

Goodbye, apartment, it's hard when a lease ends, 

but not as hard as saying goodbye to all our D.C. friends.

D.C. was a blast, and most of the credit is due to the great people we met. I wish I had pictures of all of you that I could post without your permission.

(The rest of the credit, in case you're wondering, is due to the food and the free museums. Seriously, most of what you want to do there is free. You'll pay for it, given the cost of the food, but you won't pay at the museum entrance!)

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