Friday, July 10, 2015

Doctors Abroad

I've been sampling the healthcare system in Greece this week.

Because we'll be here for a while, I had to establish care with a couple doctors. Back home I would have had to wait at least a month to see one of these guys. That's not even hyperbole, the last doctor I saw in the U.S. scheduled me a month in advance, and I felt like I was lucky to be getting in so soon. Here, I was scheduled, seen, and sent for follow-up care in under a week. The doctors are killer (killer in a good way, not in a "dead patients everywhere" kind of way). The guy I saw yesterday was the director for his department, has completed multiple fellowships, and spent most of his career practicing in Clearwater, Florida. I'm really pleased with the care I've received.

One weird thing about treatment here, though, is that we have to pay for everything in cash. We'll eventually be reimbursed by our insurance company, but it's strange to walk up to a counter, pay for a blood draw, and take your receipt to the lab as if you were buying a pack of gum. Another weird thing is that it doesn't cost much more than a pack of gum to get a blood draw. That is a hyperbole. It costs more than gum, but not by much. It's really something to see how much healthcare cost inflation goes on in the U.S.

Anyway, going to the doctor bums me out. So after buying all that fresh produce yesterday, this is what Phil and I had for dinner:

The potato wedges tasted like curly fries. Beautiful. 

And this is what we had for dessert:

I guess in my mind I always thought a chocolate orgy would taste better.

Looks great. Tastes bland. Disillusioned with chocolate orgies.

And if you're looking for updates on the Bella potty training situation:

It's going really well. She really likes her rug. 

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