Friday, July 17, 2015

Balcony Dog

Well, we've passed the three week mark of our residency here. We celebrated by watching t.v., and eating food from our laiki. This week has been mellow, despite the strikes and protests and Molotov cocktails. That's all happening, but it's still just happening in that little pocket around the Parliament building. Metro workers went on strike on Wednesday morning, along with civil servants and pharmacists and several other people that I can't remember now. We weren't impacted by that.

There's a big wildfire in the mountains above Athens today. We were just wondering last night whether this area was prone to fires. Guess we have our answer. Do you think we made it happen just by thinking it? Phil could see the flames and smoke from work, but it's too far for us to see from our balcony.

Speaking of balconies, there are a lot of apartment buildings in Athens, and most apartments have at least one balcony. People actually use their balconies here; they set them up as yard/garden space, dining rooms, laundry rooms, and toy rooms. Bella also uses her balconies. She likes to lounge in the sun, run around with her toys, sniff the air, and bark at every single *#$%ing sound she hears.

 Living the life, Bella. Living the life.

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