Monday, June 29, 2015

Worrying at the Grocery Store

Keeping you up to date on the Greek economy is going to consume my entire life.

Greek banks are closed this week, and ATM withdrawals are limited to 60 euros per day.

I just walked to the grocery store so we'd have food to eat tonight. The lines were insanely long. People's carts were jammed full of food and diapers and toilet paper. There were ATMs on the way into and out of the store with a dozen people in each line. We had a few Greek people tell us last week that we shouldn't believe the media hype about the economy, but it's clear that people here are concerned. No one buys that much toilet paper unless they're worried they won't be able to afford it in a week.

Blurry shot of the ATM line.
I was trying not to be obvious.

I packed two reusable shopping bags in my luggage because I knew we'd have a 40 minute round trip walk to the grocery store. One says "I [heart] EU," which, for obvious reasons, I'm not currently using in my grocery treks. The other has a scene of Cleveland, Ohio on it, and is actually a replacement for my previous Cleveland bag, which was never returned by a friend of a friend (who is not my friend and never could be, after stealing my Cleveland bag).

Well, RIP Cleveland. Literally. It ripped.

I'm so sorry, Cleveland.
One final note about European grocery stores: when you buy produce, the fruits and veggies don't come with little PLU-identifying stickers on them, and you can't just take it all to the cashier to price when you check out. Instead, after you bag your produce, you have to take it over to a clerk at a set of scales who will weigh the bag for you, and slap a price sticker on it. I feel like this is a really important tip that no one ever told me before in my life.

You're welcome.

Bagged and tagged and (soon to be) eaten.


  1. Good to know! I remember from a previous trip to the Netherlands and France that we had an issue ones because of not pre-weighing our produce, lol!

  2. So completely foreign to me! I'm still not used to it.


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