Wednesday, June 17, 2015

One Week Out

We're a week away from our departure. Pack-out day is tomorrow. Today and tonight, we have to separate all of our stuff into four categories: 1) things that we'll take on the airplane: clothes, shoes, Bella; 2) things that we want air freighted: dishes, pots, pans (theoretically they will get there in a couple weeks);  3) things we want to ship: chairs, books, all of my awesome holiday decorations (we won't see those things for a couple months), 4) things that we want stored: the cotton candy machine, the ice cream machine, every other machine that makes life worth living, but won't work on European power. 

Bella is a pretty good traveler. She'll be riding in cabin with us. Generally, once we get settled onto the airplane, she just curls up in her carrier and sleeps until we land. Part of the reason she's able to sleep so well is that she freaks out for the entirety of the pre-travel process, and drives me absolutely bat-sh*t insane. In fact, if we even get close to thinking about moving a suitcase from the closet, she launches into her, "You're-traveling-take-me-with-you?!!" panic. She also pays attention to the phases of preparation. If the suitcases are out, but unpacked, she monitors the situation closely and barks at every sound/sight/smell. Once we start packing, she crawls inside the suitcase, messing everything up in the process, while continuing to bark at every sound/sight/smell. Phase 3 is post-pack, where she runs back and forth from the door to the suitcases to the carrier, crying hysterically if either of us walk outside without her, and barking at every sound/sight/smell. It worsens from there.

Honestly, Bella and I have similar approaches to travel. I hate planning it. I hate packing for it. I hate the actual, physical effort of traveling (or maybe the non-physical effort of riding in a plane or car or bus for 20,000 hours), and I hate living out of a suitcase. On the other hand, we both love exploring new places. How far away are we from teleportation? Or apparition, for the Harry Potter crowd?

Anyway, I'm running away for a few hours because this is what our house looks like right now and I'm overwhelmed:

The post it note ID system was my idea. 
The dog is unlabeled. We're still debating how soon we want her.
I truly, truly feel your pain, dog. 
This has nothing to do with moving, I'm just super proud that I got this orchid to bloom again after a year of mothering it. 

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