Monday, June 15, 2015

Moving Away

We have 10 days left on this continent, and I'm spending them inside, on a blog (do people even do that anymore?!), debating how to design this page to make it prettier, but also not really wanting to work at it.

Since Phil has lived abroad before, I'm going to be your guide to the terrors of moving outside the country for the first time in your life. What a fun, sexy time for all of us.

The past few weeks have been a combination of trying to cram in every possible activity, historical destination, monument (there are millions here), and beach trip available, while simultaneously trying to figure out what I'll need to purchase prior to moving. I keep seeing things like lotion, or toothpaste and have to work really hard not to buy fifty of each under the thinking that, "They might not have that in Europe."

Phil has been coping with the move by scheduling everything on a calendar, and making 10,000 lists for shopping/packing/paperwork that I continually fail to read or follow. It's easier for him to cope when he has it all written out. I have a much more fatalistic approach:

It's happening, we're moving. If I forget my toothpaste, hopefully they'll have some in Europe.

Bella's method of coping: Above all, sleep.

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