Friday, June 26, 2015

Apartment Life: In Photos

A photographic look into the home of recently-relocated expats.

Master Bedroom, with master (Bella)

Kitchen, washer and dryer included

1 of 2 guest bedrooms with dual twin bed amenities 
Living Room balcony-patio with luxury church view

Living Room with exquisitely hideous yet inexplicably comfortable seating

Dining Room with gorgeous display cabinet that will not be staying here

Hallway with expansive closet space and 2.5 bathrooms (one pictured distantly)

I don't have any photos from outside yet because all we've done since coming here is walked to the grocery store, attended a bunch of meetings at the embassy, and slept. If you want, I can reenact those moments for you later. We plan to explore tomorrow. Photos forthcoming.


  1. I'm upset about the display hutch. Your pictures do suggest that your new place is an even better place for Bella and me to play hide and seek. I hope you're settling in nicely. If I were you, I'd take about a thousand naps out on that patio right now. RIGHT NOW!!

  2. Annie, the hutch is nice, but the only thing I have to display there is Grandma's tea cup. It's the only piece of china I own. Maybe that's enough.


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