Monday, April 6, 2020

Banana Bella: Keep It Together #16

**Sorry, doll, this contest is over. Feel free to do the work, but you won't get a prize.**

Welcome back to our live  coverage of...just kidding, it's only me with another Banana Bella contessignment. How was your weekend? Are you making it all right? I haven't yelled once today, so we're doing pretty well. The Kid had his first conference call with his entire class. He called it his "meeting," because he's been paying attention to Phil's telework. The school was reluctant to try it, because the mere thought of a dozen preschoolers on a video call is like having a migraine. It turned out to be really great. The kids were pleased to see each other, and it was cute.

Each kid had a chance to show off the crafts they've been working on during the "meeting." There were a lot of parents standing by providing interpretations of the works. "Yes, this is So-and-So's paper tulip. They enjoyed making it."

Can I take a minute to wax poetic about the many options for long-distance communication? I can't hear your response, so I'm doing it anyway. I've thought a lot about the subject since we joined the diplomatic corps seven years ago. It really sucks to be away from family and friends. It would be hard to describe how awful it is if not for the fact that we're all in the same boat now. I can't imagine doing this without email, instant messaging, internet calling, and video chats. And I'm so glad we don't have to do it without them.

In a webinar last week, the psychiatrist assigned to the embassies in this region talked about how to cope with chronic stress. The thing he kept hammering over and over was that we need to reach out to other people. So, your contessignment today is to send an ecard to someone.

There are many ecard sites you can use. I'll give you two options below, but I don't care what you use. Send a card, then tell me who the recipient is. You don't have to go into details, you can just say, "A family member," or "A friend," or "None of your f*cking business" (only don't censor your profanity, I think it's funny).

Reach out to somebody, because you can, and because the psych said we'll all lose it if we don't (paraphrased).

Blue Mountain ecards: HERE
Someecards: HERE

Banana Bella's taking every other day off, so you have more time to get this done (but just do it really quick right now, you procrastinator). We'll talk to you on Wednesday.

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