Monday, March 16, 2020

Banana Bella: Keep It Together "Contest"

**Sorry, doll, this contest is over. Feel free to do the work, but you won't get a prize.**

Hi, friends,

I wanted to let you know that we are safe and well. We hope the same can be said of you, and will be thinking of you throughout the next several weeks. Unless we're told otherwise, we have decided to stay put in Budapest. We have what we need, and we're optimistic that this crisis will pass in due time if we all do our part.

To the actual point of this post, the other night, I went online to find a fun, mindless distraction. I did not find it. In light of that, I decided to create my own fun, mindless distractions. It gives me as much pleasure as one can possibly feel under these circumstances to announce the Banana Bella: Keep It Together "Contest."

I've put "Contest" in quotations, because I'm not going to run this the same way we've run our other Banana Bella contests. For one thing, you have to do a whole bunch of fun stuff if you want a prize other than the satisfaction of doing a bunch fun stuff. In the coming days (or weeks or whatever) I'll be posting a currently-undetermined number of things to do. For each thing you do, I'll write your name on a piece of paper, and throw it into a hat for a big random prize drawing at the end. The more things you do, the more name-papers you'll get in the hat. Wahoo, right?

I'm not sure what the prize is going to be yet, and I'm not sure when I'll draw for it, or deliver it to the winner. I run a very amateur ship around here. Let's all be cool, and accept the promise that the winner will get something, somewhere, sometime. 


Scroll down for your first task. I backdated it, so you'd have to read this overview first. Sucker. 

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